Go to Europe in the spring

Now is the time to plan a glorious trip to Europe. The spring months should be amazing, with the crowds still at a minimum and hotel prices on the lower side. Take advantage of it for sure. We were in Europe for the entire month of October 2021 (before the current winter Covid spike) and each city we visited was fun, joyous, and utterly fantastic. It will be this way in the spring we predict, so book those cancellable flights while you can.

The biggest difference we noticed on our recent trip was in London; the British capital had gone almost entirely cash-free in order to provide contactless service. It will probably stay that way for a long time to come. We couldn’t give away our British Pound notes! From pharmacies to cafes to movie theatres, no one would take our cash. We were finally able to find some black cab drivers that accepted it, along with the famous Rules restaurant in Covent Garden. We say, Use the winter months to find the perfect credit card, one that’s completely free of foreign fees. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, note that all of our new editions of our Clued In travel books for 2022 are up on Amazon.com (except for Clued In New York) as well our new editions of Bored in London – Awesome Experiences for the Repeat Traveler and Bored in Paris – Awesome Experiences for the Repeat Traveler. They’re chock full of surprises and the paperback version makes a great gift under $10.00!

Happy and safe travels, Dean and Andie

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