‘Bored in Rome’ has arrived!

The newest guide in our super-fun Bored In travel series is now published. Exclusive to Amazon.com, Bored in Rome: Amazing Experiences for the Repeat Visitor follows in the footsteps of our recent Bored in Paris.  If you want to take your European trip to a higher level (or just make it even more fun) grab one of these fantastic guides. The inspiration and ideas in both of them are off the chain! Now only $2.99 for the ebook and $6.95 for the paperback. Ciao for now.

bored in rome cover 6.25 by 9 wide borders better

Surprise Flash-Sales starting soon!

If you’ve never gotten your hot little hands on a Clued In Travel Book, now’s the time to experience what they’re all about (and see how great they really are.)  We are pleased to announce two very temporary flash sales running August 18 -22, 2019:

Hurry because these special deals will not last long! Please share this info and help us get the word out.  Happy travels,  Dean & Andie



August means travel.

For many people, this is the prime month to get away to a truly fabulous city.  If that means you, don’t miss our updated City-Extras which can be accessed anytime on our website, right from the menu bar. These pages are chock full of great ideas, tips, and shout-outs, and photos and every one of our Clued in cities just got a new article. 

In addition, let us express our sincere thanks to our readers for their incredible support of our new “Bored in” series which debuted last week with Bored in Paris: Amazing Experiences for the Repeat Visitor. Let your friends know that this fun new book of ours will take their Paris trip to a higher level, even if they are actually a first-time visitor there.  Up later this week, be on the lookout for Bored in Rome: Amazing Experiences for the Repeat Visitor  only on Amazon. Woo-hoo!

bored in rome cover 6.25 by 9 wide borders better.jpg