‘Clued In New York’ is free today!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from NYC – March 16-17, 2023

   If you don’t already have it, grab our new 2023 Clued In New York ebook right now because it’s free on amazon.com through March 17th.  After that it goes right back up to $6.99.  Hey, you must have the luck of the Irish!  Just click here for its amazon page. (If you love it, be sure to leave us some stars.)

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

Urgent update to our ‘Clued In Paris’ book – transport info is changing fast.

   Some of the important transport info in our Clued In Paris book  is suddenly “old news” as Paris incurs new price hikes and ways to buy train tickets!  Because of this we are currently republishing both the ebook and print editions to reflect the changes.  (For instance on the Métro, those famous little white carnet tickets are being phased out right now at most stations in favor of a new, reusable pass card called NavigoEasy.)  If you purchased our book before March 18, 2023, please note the new information on our City Extras : Paris page here. It shows exactly how our new publications will read.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. Dean and Andie

Or I’ll buy you a cup of coffee…

So says Owen Wilson at the end of Midnight in Paris, one of our favorite movies!

Speaking of coffee, most of our “City Extras” for March feature excerpts from our travel books that many of you may be familiar with. We are speaking of course about The Perk Report – a readers’ guide to everything coffee (and the coffee culture) specific to a particular city. Have you ever wondered how to order an iced coffee in Barcelona? Curious as to what a marocchino is in Italy, or why Miami’s Cuban coffee is always super sweet? Check out your favorite city on the menu bar above and pour another cup of joe for us.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie