‘Bored in Rome’ has arrived!

The newest guide in our super-fun Bored In travel series is now published. Exclusive to Amazon.com, Bored in Rome: Amazing Experiences for the Repeat Visitor follows in the footsteps of our recent Bored in Paris.  If you want to take your European trip to a higher level (or just make it even more fun) grab one of these fantastic guides. The inspiration and ideas in both of them are off the chain! Now only $2.99 for the ebook and $6.95 for the paperback. Ciao for now.

bored in rome cover 6.25 by 9 wide borders better

Surprise Flash-Sales starting soon!

If you’ve never gotten your hot little hands on a Clued In Travel Book, now’s the time to experience what they’re all about (and see how great they really are.)  We are pleased to announce two very temporary flash sales running August 18 -22, 2019:

Hurry because these special deals will not last long! Please share this info and help us get the word out.  Happy travels,  Dean & Andie



August means travel.

For many people, this is the prime month to get away to a truly fabulous city.  If that means you, don’t miss our updated City-Extras which can be accessed anytime on our website, right from the menu bar. These pages are chock full of great ideas, tips, and shout-outs, and photos and every one of our Clued in cities just got a new article. 

In addition, let us express our sincere thanks to our readers for their incredible support of our new “Bored in” series which debuted last week with Bored in Paris: Amazing Experiences for the Repeat Visitor. Let your friends know that this fun new book of ours will take their Paris trip to a higher level, even if they are actually a first-time visitor there.  Up later this week, be on the lookout for Bored in Rome: Amazing Experiences for the Repeat Visitor  only on Amazon. Woo-hoo!

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Bored in Paris has arrived!

We are excited to introduce our new series of travel books, titled Bored In and can’t wait to share them with you. They are guaranteed to take your trip to the next level! Today Bored in Paris: Awesome Experiences for the Repeat Visitor makes its official debut on amazon.com. To view our covers for the whole series, click here or go to our Bored In page through the menu bar above. So fun!

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Catch our just-posted City-Extras for July

Whether you’re headed to Rome or to San Francisco, we’ve got a special July activity just for you. All of our City-Extra pages (one for each of our ten “Clued In” cities) now have the most current updates.  Access them from the menu bar above and make that trip you’re planning even better!  Happy travels, Dean and Andie

baths performance

See an “al fresco” performance at Rome’s ancient Baths of Caracalla

“Clued In Edinburgh” is here!

Today we are announcing the arrival of our newest travel book, Clued In Edinburgh. If you’re headed there, you absolutely have to have this ebook loaded onto your smart phone. (If it’s your loved ones that are headed to Scotland this summer, make sure to get this incredible guide into their hot little hands. Trust us, they’ll be glad to have it.)  The capital of Scotland, glorious as it may be, is not easy– especially in August when the International Festival is is full swing.  During this time a bit of planning can go a really long way.  Whisky, anyone?  Slanjevar!

Grab one here now. 

Calton HIll on a foggy day

Get ready to picnic.

July is coming quickly and is distinguished in the US by being National Picnic Month. We’ve decided to just extend this to the rest of the world… well, to our Clued In Travel world that is. Visit our City-Extra pages through the menu bar above to find excellent tips on where and how to picnic in each place. (Our recommended salumeria in Rome will knock your socks off!) And for those of you waiting patiently for our new Clued In Edinburgh, we are happy to tell you that the wait is almost over. Happy travels! Dean & Andie

Clued in May, wherever you’re going

   Wow! We’ve just updated our City Extra pages for each of our book locations and there’s a lot going on in May.  Check them out through our website menu above.  From the start of the Venetian Biennale or huge Vogalonga boat race to the San Francisco Carnavale or Miami’s Air & Sea Memorial Day event, there is truly something for everyone. Learn about the new night tours of Rome’s Colosseum or find out where to board the largest hot air balloon in the world… hint: it’s in Paris.  There are beach festivals in Barcelona, the opening of the ballet season at the Met in New York, and a solemn flower homage and flag throwing in Florence. Or maybe a little wine and cheese is all you need– you’re in luck if you’re going to London because May is their official Cheese Month.  Pick a cheesy event and just go!  Happy travels! ~Dean and Andie

Writing “Clued In Edinburgh”

     The team is back from Scotland and the photography we achieved is fantastic! Why did it turn out even better than we hoped for? Because we had sunshine nearly all day, every day.  This northern area of the United Kingdom is often misty which can add great atmosphere, but mist is not always agreeable to photography so we really did luck out.  Our dear Edinburgh was looking more beautiful than ever, and even the two excursions (that will be included the June 2019 book) were great fun and very simple to do. Now we’re back home in NYC and busy turning our emotions into words so that we can bring you the next in our series of Clued In Travel Books!

     Did we discover anything new and fabulous? We did indeed… Craigmillar Castle, built in the late 1300’s and then improved upon for several centuries after that is now a deserted ruin located right in a southern suburb of the city. One could instantly see why it was the perfect choice for the Outlander location filming for its Ardsmuir Prison.

     After paying a modest fee, visitors are given unfettered access to the entire magical place. It was refreshing to see no fakery inside, nor any “reconstruction of how it once was decorated.”  It was raw and that was the beauty of it. Check out our Instagram account @cluedintravelbooks to see a video of  one of its spiral staircases.





Major fire breaks out at the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris

     We are heartbroken to learn that this venerable icon of the city was engulfed in flames today, the 15th of April, 2019.  It is one of our favorite places in the world and a highlight of our Clued In Paris.  The fire started in a section of the cathedral that was undergoing intense, urgent renovation work that was to be completed in early 2020. Please join us in our prayers that the 800 year-old structure can be saved; its main, tallest spire and the entire roof has already collapsed and much of the interior art and historical artifacts are now at great risk.   -Dean Dalton and Andie Easton