For those of you traveling today…

We hope everyone has a safe, stress-free journey to their destination. If you’re staying put and actually hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, just remember that it’s just like cooking a chicken dinner except that the chicken is really big. And while we savor this special meal, let’s all dream about our upcoming travel plans for 2023. It’s going to be a great year!

All the best on this holiday, Dean and Andie

Great suggestions are now posted at our “City Extras” pages

There are so many great things going on in our beloved Clued In cities that we just had to share them! From ice-skating in Manhattan to the upcoming Christmas concert at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we have something for everyone. Check them out now at Clued In Travel Books and visit the top menu bar for your favorite locations.

Try a free walking tour of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, or savor roast pigeon with English cherries at The Jugged Hare in London. With so much to see and do, our series of interactive Clued In (and the super-fun Bored In) series of travel books are definitely the way to go.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

Possible Train Strike in London

If you have booked train travel on the days of October 1, 2, 5, 7, or 8 (2022) you may experience disruptions due to a possible drivers/conductors strike. Thameslink is asking that only passengers who absolutely must travel do so, and even then to expect long delays. If in doubt, check the strike info link here.

Best of luck and safe travels, Dean and Andie

Our new City-Extras have posted!

Every one of our city-specific pages at have now been updated for August. This month, many of the extras feature new and different things to do. Whether you yearn to climb the outside of a Manhattan skyscraper or learn to make proper pasta in Venice, we’ve got you covered. Check them out today and please help us spread the word about out fabulous travel guides.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

London’s new ‘Elizabeth line’ trains

The newest train line in decades has now opened in London and expectations are that it will serve around 200 million riders each year. It is sleek, clean, smooth, and affordable. We love that it goes to and from London’s Heathrow Airport terminals for just one-third of the price of the same-day purchasing of the famous Heathrow Express train. Another advantage is that you can board or disembark from it at forty different stations throughout the city, rather than just Paddington Station.

So what are its disadvantages? Well, it will take longer than the Heathrow Express, double the time when both lines are compared side by side from Paddington. But does fifteen minutes compared to thirty really matter when you can save a whopping £20 each way? We don’t think so.

We have always enjoyed taking the Heathrow Express but will now probably only use it when we can take advantage of its super-discounted price of £6 (!) which is what you get when booking more than a month in advance online. Either way, it’s always nice when travelers are given more choices.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

Our newest book has arrived.

After a long wait, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest guide book, Bored in Miami – Awesome Experiences for the Repeat Visitor. It’s a truly fantastic book that will get your juices flowing as you plan your next trip to South Florida. Available in both eBook and paperback, it’s also a great read for first-time visitors to Miami and Miami Beach. Grab a copy here.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

CDC Lifts Mandatory Covid Testing to Reenter the U.S.

It’s finally over. Today, the last major hurdle for international travelers has been rescinded by the CDC. As of July 12, 2022 people reentering the Untied States from abroad will NOT have to show a negative Covid test before their flight. You can now travel freely without any Covid testing during your beautiful trip. In addition Italy, England, Scotland, and France have lifted all of their Covid restrictions and rules. Let’s celebrate!

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

American Express cardholders can now cancel flights for any reason…

But there are a few caveats. Here’s the need-to-know on the subject:

This new benefit extends to all Amex cardholders regardless of which Amex card they have, but the flights must all be booked through “Amex Travel.” In addition, the cardholder will only be reimbursed for a portion (up to 75%) of the non-refundable flight cost.

This new benefit is called Trip Cancel Guard and was previously only extended to Platinum Amex cardholders -if they had a good reason to cancel their trip.

While no reason for the cancellation is now needed, all cardholders/travelers must cancel at least two full days before their departure date.

We think it’s a good deal overall, especially for those wanting that extra peace of mind when booking a flight. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

Safe and happy travels, Dean & Andie