Recent Reviews

A big thank you to all of our ardent fans for their terrific (and helpful) customer reviews.  Here are just a few…


“My daughter and I used this streamlined guidebook extensively on our visit to Florence last May.  All recommendations and advice are spot-on. Restaurant reviews took us to charming and great eating spots we might have otherwise overlooked.”

“This guide is invaluable! It has so much useful information that you will study it before your trip and while in Venice. Great for planning ahead!”

“I loved Clued In Rome because I read information that I found nowhere else.”

“This travel book delivers on its title.”

“The authors seem honest, to the point, and give great advice.”

“I downloaded the Clued in Paris, London, and Rome books on to my Kindle app on my phone. Many times on our trip, we were able to quickly look up nearby restaurants, and avoid the tourist trap places.  Four of our top favorite meals on our trip were locations recommended by the Clued In Books!”

“A great easy to read book full of really useful advice about getting the most out of your stay. Divided into helpful sections to help plan what you would like to do and see. Found it really helpful.”

“This is what I think all guide books should be…short, filled with pictures and inside information, and pertinent details like prices, hours, websites, etc. It doesn’t have flowery language, extended essays, or long histories that will only be repeated by the tour guides at the sites once you get there. Very enjoyable and useful.”

“Saved my butt while traveling solo. I spent a week in Rome and loved every moment. This guide showed me all the best places to see and got me into the best meal of my trip. Get it and book early.”

“I won’t travel without the Clued In Books!”

“First time visitors are spared the tsunami of information and given a foundation to create a itinerary based on solid tips and suggestions for prioritizing touring, and an array of eating suggestions without the mind boggling lists– peppered with wit and common sense. A great read and smart addition to my reference material.  Best useful source to date.”

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