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Our FAQ section is here to assist you but you can also just drop us an email through the link below.

How do I contact you?

We can be reached anytime via direct email at cluedintravelbooks@gmail.com


I am unable to purchase a Clued In Travel Book on Amazon.com because only a SAMPLE is offered.  How can I get the entire book? 

   This is probably because you’re trying to purchase one of our books with an Apple device.  (Apple devices often block the sale of Amazon books because they would rather you visit their own iBooks.)  Instead, visit us on Amazon by using a PC or laptop and the purchasing options should magically appear.  Sometimes you can actually purchase our books on an Apple device if you use Safari to get to Amazon —instead of using the official Amazon app .  Give it a try!

Are Clued In Travel Books available in paperback?

   Our city guides are only sold in ebook format, and for a very good reason too.  It’s because they contain live web-links that will make your travel experience a breeze.  Think of our ebooks as a kind of simple-to-use app that loads onto your smart phone or device and is there for you anytime, right at your fingertips.

I only buy actual print books and have never tried an ebook of any kind.  I don’t know if my device is set up for it.  Can you help?

   Sure can! Before purchasing, take a moment to visit your App Store and download the free Kindle app to the device or computer that you’re on.  Once that’s done, go ahead with your Amazon purchase and then open the Kindle app to see your book waiting for you.  It will live there indefinitely unless you choose to remove it.  (If you owned an actual Kindle device then our book would automatically go there too.)

I have an outdated version of one of your travel ebooks. Can it be “re-purchased” as new again? 

   Yes it can. Every December we re-publish all ten books “fresh” so that your devices will recognize it as a new book when you re-purchase it.

Do I have to download the free Kindle app on my phone or device in order to read your ebooks?

   Yes you do.  The Kindle app is not only free, it’s clever!  It’s the reason you can easily read a book on a small screen and “turn the pages.”

If I’m confused about certain travel info, or just want to double-check on something I have read, do you have representatives available to answer questions?

   You can email us day or night through our email address above. We will reply within one day, and usually within a couple of hours – unless we’re flying, of course.

When will you be publishing the new 2022 editions of these travel books?

    The new 2022 editions are up on Amazon.com now.  (This does not include Clued in New York.)


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