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   Dean Dalton and Andie Easton have been traveling together to great cities for more than twenty-five years. Always excessively curious, they were constantly asking the questions that today’s travelers need to know. They wondered, “Are we seeing the very best sights and are they even open today? Are there any that are a rip-off? Is there a better restaurant on the next street that we should have known about? What faster, cheaper way can we get to and from the airport? What about local hang-outs? Is the city blocked off for a marathon on our arrival day?”

   These and other questions took time and research but paid off in a big way. You can save that time by grabbing one of their ten “Clued In” travel books. Their concise and opinionated at-a-glace listings for each recommended place will, quite simply, make your trip better. Even first-time visitors to a city can feel like they’ve been going there all their life.  All of the current editions are up and running on and we are happy to announce that all include precise information regarding accessibility for those with limited mobility.

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