“Bored In” – Our new, super-fun travel guides

Introducing our new series of travel books… everything fun and extraordinary for today’s immersive traveler. Simply put, this new series explores awesome experiences for the repeat visitor.

But they’re fantastic for the first-time visitor as well!

Amazing adventures, workshops, tours, experiences, and unusual dining and mixology define this new series.  We make sure you’ll never be bored for a moment.  



Curious?  Read this excerpt from Bored in Paris:

Paris again?

Okay, so you’ve been to Paris before and are planning another trip there. Great. But what will make this visit special? What will set this trip apart? When you’re already familiar with Paris’ main sights, this unique travel book will provide inspiration and get your brain humming with fun recommendations that will have you laughing, tasting, and participating in things you may have never considered. This book is literally full of awesome experiences that will open up a whole new side of Paris, a side that millions of tourists still don’t know about. You’ll be able to immerse yourself just like a true Parisian.

You might be thinking, But I don’t speak French, so how can I do some of these things?  These days, that concern is almost laughable. Ordinary French people now speak English, and the ones who are in charge of special activities and experiences really, really speak English. Some of the activities included here have little or no verbal communication involved anyway.

Have you always wanted to ride a horse or learn how to make croissants but just never had the time? Do it when you’re in Paris, while you’re away from the daily grind of your busy life. That’s what free time should be about. As you encounter our curated list of incredible things to see and do, you’ll find that they vary greatly. Because we can’t know every reader personally, we included experiences that range from completely free, to cheapy-cheap, to kind of pricey but totally worth it. Some of these experiences are right in the city center while others are in the outskirts but still easy to get to. Many are interactive or hands-on, while others are merely something to see and absorb. Several are for active people and some are for the typical couch potato. This means we’ve tried our best to include something just for you, whoever you are.

While reading through our pages, your own visit to Paris will begin to take shape in your mind. You may even feel some level of excitement. This is why we must remind you that some of our curated activities, classes, and unique sights might need to be booked in advance. Luckily, almost all are cancelable if your plans should change once you’ve arrived in Paris.

A quick note about the verbiage and info you’ll encounter here: we refer to all the main sights and well-known neighborhoods as if you’ve been to Paris before. If you’re a novice and come across a place or word you’ve never heard of, go ahead and look it up. We don’t mind.

So, whatever kind of traveler you are… no matter if you’ve already visited the Eiffel Tower a million times or have never been here before, this book will make it impossible to ever be bored in Paris!

By the way, no one has ever paid us, coerced us, or even comp’d us to include the places and experiences in this book, (or in any of our books.) Only a few even know that they are mentioned here, and that’s the way we like it.