Clued In Miami, 2019 edition!

Our shiny new edition of Clued In Miami is here!  Grab your copy now at  We love it and think you will too.  (If you have any previous versions of this book, be sure to request a free ebook update by calling 866-321-8851 toll-free.)  Just request and receive!*   We can almost taste the frothy mojitos already.

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Going to Venice at the Start of September?

We hope you are! The glorious Regata Storica (historic regatta) may have its roots in the 13th century but you can still enjoy it today. On September 2, 2018 at 4pm, ornate boats and the Doge’s own golden bucintoro will start the festivities. The procession boasts fabulous 16th-century costumes, and afterward exciting boat races will take place culminating in the much-anticipated two-oar’d gondola race. You can see it all for free if you snag a spot along the edge of the Grand Canal between the University Ca’ Foscari and Palazzo Cavalli. If you really want to do things right, pay €60 for a seat on the floating awards stage by visiting  The official schedule of events is listed below. In addition, you can see the race participants being blessed at the base of the Santa Maria della Salute church on the Thursday prior.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

regata storica 2018Bucintoro

4pm –       Historical boats pageant

4.30pm – Twin-oared regatta of children’s boats

4.50pm – Young rowers twin-oared pupparini regatta

5.10pm – Women’s twin-oared mascarete regatta

5.30pmGarda Lake bisse regatta

5.40pm – Six-oared Caroline regatta

6pm –      International universities boat challenge

6.10pm – Twin-oared gondolini regatta