‘Clued In Rome’ to be featured on The Fussy Librarian book blast this week.

This book was one of our first and continues to boast the best reviews and stars. We’re so happy it was chosen and to celebrate, we’re offering it at a special price this Wednesday and Thursday, July 20 and 21, 2022. If you haven’t grabbed our Rome guide yet, or have an edition from a previous year, this is your time to snag a deal. It will be 60% off!

London’s new ‘Elizabeth line’ trains

The newest train line in decades has now opened in London and expectations are that it will serve around 200 million riders each year. It is sleek, clean, smooth, and affordable. We love that it goes to and from London’s Heathrow Airport terminals for just one-third of the price of the same-day purchasing of the famous Heathrow Express train. Another advantage is that you can board or disembark from it at forty different stations throughout the city, rather than just Paddington Station.

So what are its disadvantages? Well, it will take longer than the Heathrow Express, double the time when both lines are compared side by side from Paddington. But does fifteen minutes compared to thirty really matter when you can save a whopping £20 each way? We don’t think so.

We have always enjoyed taking the Heathrow Express but will now probably only use it when we can take advantage of its super-discounted price of £6 (!) which is what you get when booking more than a month in advance online. Either way, it’s always nice when travelers are given more choices.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie