Italy to remove all remaining COVID restrictions

As expected, Italy has announced that it will be removing all of its pandemic restrictions on June 1, 2022. This includes all green passes, health passports, entry/ travel requirements, testing, mask mandates and the like. Let’s hope the rest of Europe takes note and shows the same courage. It’s time to get back to our normal lives. Enough.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

France Removes Covid Restrictions for American Visitors

It’s time to plan that trip to Paris…  We are happy to report that France has finally removed its “health pass” requirement and lifted nearly all of its mask mandates; the only place where masks are still required is on public transportation. The inconvenient health pass was formerly required to enter all restaurants, museums, theatres, and trains.

France has suddenly eased its border restrictions as well. The US has now been re-classified as a “green” country so that fully vaccinated travelers can enter simply by showing their proof of vaccination. (Unvaccinated travelers are also welcome if they show proof of a negative Covid test taken within 48-hours of their departure.)  Alternatively, travelers may show proof that they contracted Covid-19 and recovered within six months of their trip!  Children under age twelve are exempt from all the entry requirements.   Here is the official link from France: Covid-19 questions answered

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

New High Speed Train between London and Edinburgh!

Yearning for an easy Scottish side trip? A super affordable, direct train route between London and Edinburgh is now operational and tickets start at around £20.  (Competition from Easy Jet and other budget airlines is the reason; it used to cost five times as much to travel between the two capitals by train compared to the cheapy-cheap airlines.)

Now you can just hop on-board one of Lumo’s new, electric-powered trains right from London’s Kings Cross Station. Trains feature a catering service, free WiFi, entertainment systems, and paperless ticketing.  The route ends at Edinburgh’s Waverley Station which just happens to be smack dab in the very center of town.  Let’s go get a wee bit o’ Scottish love.  Slangevar!