Barcelona Allows Vaccinated Travelers Easy Entry

Spain, including the Catalonia region, recently updated its Covid regulations in order to be more open and welcoming to U.S. tourists who are vaccinated. The only requirements that still exist are the following:

  1. Must show valid passport with a name matching the completed CDC Vaccination card
  2. Must have a scannable Spain QR Code which can be obtained by submitting the info at this official link. (There you can choose from their individual or family FCS form, and then complete the process with the QR Code request button located on the site.)
  3. That’s it!

Of course, you’ll still need proof of a negative rapid antigen Covid test result in order to fly home to the U.S. This can be obtained very easily in all of Spain’s major cities. Arm yourself with the fall edition of our Clued In Barcelona and you’ll be on your way to a truly great trip! Safe and happy travels, Dean and Andie

Yes, go to Europe now!

We definitely speak from experience when we say, “Don’t hesitate to plan a trip to Europe.” The Clued In travel team just returned from a month-long visit to Paris, Rome, Florence, and London (in that order.) In all four cities, things were… well, rockin‘. There was a joyous feeling in the air from the manageable-sized crowds everywhere we went. We had not expected that at all; we assumed the vibe in these cities was going to be somber, overly-cautious, and minimized. We could not have been more wrong in that assumption. What a fantastic surprise to see just how much they had bounced back from the year and a half of pandemic panic and regulation. In Paris’ Saint-Germain neighborhood people were literally partying in the streets, seemingly more concerned about France’s soccer standing than about threats from Covid.

The biggest difference on this trip (pre-covid compared to post-covid) was in London. The British capital has gone almost entirely cash-free in order to boast contactless purchasing and will probably stay that way forever. We couldn’t give away our British Pound notes! From pharmacies to cafes to movie theatres, no one would take cash. We were finally able to find some Black Cab drivers that accepted it, along with the famous Rules restaurant in Covent Garden.

Happy and safe travels, Dean and Andie