Our 2022 editions are here.

Wow what a year it has been for us, with lots of travel and tons of writing, but we got it done! We must confess that we didn’t know what to expect when we set foot in Paris at the start of our whirlwind European jaunt. The truth is that the atmosphere there was as if nothing had ever happened. People in Paris (seemingly mostly locals) where filling the streets and cafés every night in a joyous mood, perhaps just happy to be out and about again. We thought, Okay that’s the French for you… they want to live their life and don’t worry about things so much.

But then it was the same way in Italy, Spain, and the UK. That’s why we say yes, go to Europe now. It’s fantastic. Sure, you might have to take a Covid test here or there, especially if you go from one country to another by airplane or rail, but it turned out to be no big deal.

Anyway, the new 2022 versions of our travel books are super-fun and have more than a few surprises, like our new independent excursion from Rome to Tivoli’s breathtaking Villa D’Este for only €18 a person complete! It’s much better than the multitude of online tours that charge you a fortune and tell you when to sit, when to eat, etc. With our books you’ll always know how to do everything on your own!

We sincerely hope you enjoy these new books. Happy travels, Dean and Andie, & the Clued In Travel Book team

Oh one more thing… we were so busy traveling that we neglected our home city of New York. We are working on that book now and hope to have Clued In New York for 2022 published around the start of the new year.

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