A change to our Rome dining recommendations

We just got home from Italy and will be making an immediate change to our “Clued In Rome” book which will be republished immediately on Amazon to reflect it:

Unfortunately, one of our recommended restaurants, I Clementini, has been sold and is under new ownership with the same name, same google info, same pics, etc. We can no longer endorse this restaurant due to the recent changes to their food.  As usual, we are the guinea pigs so you don’t have to be! It will not be included in our upcoming new edition of “Clued In Rome” for 2022.   

We just got home from Europe…

Yes, we’re back and we have a lot to share with our readers. (All of it will be presented in our soon-to-be-released 2022 editions on Amazon.com) As usual, it was one of those wild Clued In trips that leave us completely exhausted -in a good way. We hit Paris, Rome, Tivoli, Florence, Chianti, London, and Oxford. Whew! And five Covid tests later, we’re still “negative.” We ate countless meals in countless restaurants through three countries and can honestly tell you that there was one standout, hands down, no contest. Our best meal in the month spent traveling was Babette in Rome. If you are in Rome this evening or will be going there soon, make a reservation right now. There is something for everyone on their menu and it is seemingly all exquisite. As an added bonus it happens to be located at the end of our favorite street in the Eternal City: via Margutta. Run don’t walk!

Important info regarding Covid testing in Paris:

We just got home from France… If you need the health “Pass Sanitaire” and necessary QR Code but don’t know where to go, there is only one place we found that will help American tourists… and it’s quick and easy. Visit Pharmacie Bader at 10 Boulevard Saint-Michel, which is open every day. In less than 30 minutes you will have your code and be on your way for under €25.

The official Covid testing centers that have been set up in tents all around Paris will not give out the code unless you have a French cell phone. Who has that? Most pharmacies don’t even offer the testing! It’s very frustrating, so just go to this location instead and you’ll be very happy.

All of this could have been avoided of course if our French QR codes for being vaccinated had come through the official website but alas we waited 30 days to no avail. We flew here with nothing and went looking for the Covid testing right away and were lucky enough to stumble upon the pharmacy mentioned above.

Happy and safe travels, Dean and Andie.