COVID updates for international travel

As things continue to evolve and change around the world, we thought it might be a good time for a COVID update in regard to our wonderful “Clued In” destinations. Europe is open and welcoming to travelers as long as they know what’s up and are prepared. For those who are planning a trip abroad, here are some current tips and reminders:

France now requires visitors to show proof of a booster shot taken at least two weeks before your arrival there.

Italy still allows visitors to present a physical CDC vaccination card in lieu of their official QR code, but now also requires N95 masks to enter venues and restaurants. (Those soft cloth masks are evidently no good anymore even though they seemed to have worked for us because we are still Covid-free to this day.)

The UK and Spain both continue to allow travel from the US with the physical CDC vaccination card.

Also, we are delighted to announce our February updates to all ten of our “City Extras” pages through the menu bar above. These include such delights as chartering a private yacht with a captain in Miami Beach, a fabulous craft beer festival in San Francisco, and Elton John’s final concert tour in NYC.

Safe and happy travels, Dean & Andie

A tourist dons a better mask at the Colosseum

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