“Bored in Florence” is here!

When we tell people about the newest book in our Bored In series, we always get the same reaction:  “How can anyone be bored in Florence?”  Even our contact at Amazon publishing said it.  But that’s okay because those in the know realize that this super-fun guide to Florence might have a snarky title but it’s about awesome experience for the repeat visitor. (It can also make a first-time visit there into something extra special.) Whether you’re going there all by yourself, with kids, going to get engaged, or are planning a honeymoon trip, YOU NEED THIS BOOK.  We think our chapter headings say it all:

 Try a Group Experience
   (View things differently as part of a pack)
Connect with Nature
   (Outdoor activities in and around Florence)
Learn Something New
   (And gain knowledge of the culture)
Search for Something
   (Hunting for Tuscan goodies is fun)
Have an Engrossing Individual Experience
   (Make it all about you)
Make Memories
   (Share delightful moments with loved ones)
Local Thrills and Chills
   (Some of Florence’s more hair-raising sights)
Be a Child Again
   (Places and activities to share with your kids)

If you’ve ever thought about rafting on the Arno River, or dining in a former Medici Palace, this is your guide book.   It’ll give you all the info at your fingertips. Unlike our Clued In series, it is available in a handy 5×8 inch travel sized paperback as well as in ebook format (which has all the web links and email addresses live and clickable.)

So don’t just go to the Uffizi Gallery again, or if you do, go with a fun group tour led by an expert that will bring it all to life! That’s what Bored in Florence is about.

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

florence duomo 6.25 by 9 text within borders

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