We’re baaa~ack!

Wow, what a trip!  Our team just got back from Florence, Italy and all we can say is, Clued In Florence is going to be fantastic.  We gathered current info, took thousands of photos, met some incredible people, and cannot wait to share it all with you. This particular city guide will have everything today’s traveler needs to know– along with some surprises that we don’t want to give away just yet.  As usual, it will be completely different from other travel books on the market and will boast our expected “signature” of bringing you sights and restaurants you won’t read (or hear about) elsewhere.  We’re so excited!  Look for it to make its debut on Amazon.com sometime in May, 2018.  We will update this blog page with a more specific date once we have it. And a BIG thank you to all our blog-site visitors who’ve been contacting us about this new book.  Trust us, we’re writing as fast as we can!!


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