A new decade of travel begins

As we start the new Roaring Twenties, a new decade of travel begins. Our Clued In cities are better than ever and offer today’s savvy travelers so many things to see and do that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Never fear; our concise and opinionated travel guides are here to help you sort it all out. As always, we will use our monthly-updated City Extras pages to post featured places we know you’ll love, as well as any urgent changes to our current 2020 editions. The January posts are already up so check them out through the menu bar above. From our favorite spas in Miami Beach to the state of flood waters in Venice, we’ve got you covered. See you there, wherever you may be going!

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

Holiday dining on vacation

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone! We’ve just posted great places to dine through the New Year on each of our City Extras pages. Check the menu bar above for the “Clued In” city of your choice and take the guesswork out of your holiday planning. Which restaurants are open on Christmas Eve in Rome or Florence? Where can you celebrate with an unusual meal in Paris or New York? Can you get an elegant meal that’s worth the money in London or Edinburgh? Is there a Christmas Day luncheon offered anywhere in Venice? And what about New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? We solve these puzzles and more. Check them out, and don’t forget about our new Bored In series of super-fun travel books, featured right on our handy website, cluedintravelbooks.com

Happy travels to all during this holiday season, Dean & Andie

New series: Bored in London is here!

The newest addition to our “fun” series of travel guides has just arrived on amazon.com. We’re so proud of Bored in London – Awesome Experiences for the Repeat Visitor and can’t wait for our fans to check it out! From horseback riding in Hyde park to spending the night at the London Zoo, this book is jammed packed with all the info you need to make an ordinary visit into something truly special. It’s got a few surprises in it too, and boasts a fantastic shopping chapter. (It’s great for the first-time visitor to London as well.) We are happy to announce that all of our Bored In books are available in both ebook and paperback versions. Cheers! Dean & Andie

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Our holiday season recommendations

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, we decided to update all of our City-Extras pages with the best in entertainment (and drinking) so that you can get your seasonal game on. Check them out now through the menu bar above, and don’t forget to upgrade your Clued In ebooks with our shiny, new 2020 versions. Amazon’s customer service reps will help you with this request. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers, and thank you for all your incredible support!

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

It’s 2020 Update Time!

We love this time of year, when all ten of our fabulous Clued In travel guides have been meticulously updated and improved -complete with lots of new photos. Get your’s today at amazon.com, and don’t forget that if you already have one of our guides – purchased before October 28, 2019 – you are entitled to a free update of the new 2020 version!  Since you cannot re-buy an ebook (because Amazon thinks you already own it) you need an electronic update. It’s an easy process and can be done every year at this time. Details here:

Stay up to date!  Get free, annual updates for any of our previous editions by calling 866-321-8851 toll-free. Just request and receive. (Afterwards, your Kindle app may need to be *deleted and then re-downloaded* from the cloud for all changes to take effect. This is rare, however.)

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

October – the creepy month

Yes, it’s that spooky time of year again and we’re celebrating it by posting some very strange and unexpected things to see and do in each of our “Clued In” cities. Visit an underwater necropolis in Miami, or ride on 19th century carnival attractions in Paris. Wherever you’re headed, just make sure to visit our City-Extra pages first (through the menu bar above) so that your October travel will be more extraordinary than usual!

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

“Bored in Florence” is here!

When we tell people about the newest book in our Bored In series, we always get the same reaction:  “How can anyone be bored in Florence?”  Even our contact at Amazon publishing said it.  But that’s okay because those in the know realize that this super-fun guide to Florence might have a snarky title but it’s about awesome experience for the repeat visitor. (It can also make a first-time visit there into something extra special.) Whether you’re going there all by yourself, with kids, going to get engaged, or are planning a honeymoon trip, YOU NEED THIS BOOK.  We think our chapter headings say it all:

 Try a Group Experience
   (View things differently as part of a pack)
Connect with Nature
   (Outdoor activities in and around Florence)
Learn Something New
   (And gain knowledge of the culture)
Search for Something
   (Hunting for Tuscan goodies is fun)
Have an Engrossing Individual Experience
   (Make it all about you)
Make Memories
   (Share delightful moments with loved ones)
Local Thrills and Chills
   (Some of Florence’s more hair-raising sights)
Be a Child Again
   (Places and activities to share with your kids)

If you’ve ever thought about rafting on the Arno River, or dining in a former Medici Palace, this is your guide book.   It’ll give you all the info at your fingertips. Unlike our Clued In series, it is available in a handy 5×8 inch travel sized paperback as well as in ebook format (which has all the web links and email addresses live and clickable.)

So don’t just go to the Uffizi Gallery again, or if you do, go with a fun group tour led by an expert that will bring it all to life! That’s what Bored in Florence is about.

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

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September begins the social season

For centuries, September has been the historic start of the so-called “social season.”  It was when important people and great families would return from their languid summer respites in the countryside and again take up residence in the city.  September was also the month for final fittings of new gowns and shoes which had been ordered up so that everyone would be decked out in the latest fashion. Carriages were readied, silver was polished, and the anticipation of who would be at the opera and who would get engaged was probably foremost on people’s minds.

Today’s world is more relaxed of course, but some of the traditions continue. Opera seasons in Europe and in the U.S. still begin during this time, and back-to-school is another version of it. And while folks no longer worry about whether they’ll be presented at court, they do start making more plans for upcoming performances, new restaurants, and other fun things to pursue as cities all over the world get back to business.

In this spirit, we have updated each of our City-Extras pages (through the menu above) with social-season stuff that you should definitely consider doing.  Grab your tickets quickly though because many of our mentions will end up selling out!

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

‘Bored in Rome’ has arrived!

The newest guide in our super-fun Bored In travel series is now published. Exclusive to Amazon.com, Bored in Rome: Amazing Experiences for the Repeat Visitor follows in the footsteps of our recent Bored in Paris.  If you want to take your European trip to a higher level (or just make it even more fun) grab one of these fantastic guides. The inspiration and ideas in both of them are off the chain! Now only $2.99 for the ebook and $6.95 for the paperback. Ciao for now.

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