COVID-19: The world is closed

As Europe, the UK, and the Americas continue to grapple with the fast-spreading virus, we urge everyone to be safe and stay home as much as possible. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and know that we are all waiting for the world to open again. It’s surreal to be sure, but we will get through this. Our entire Clued In Travel Book team wishes you the very best in this incredibly difficult situation. With lots of love, Dean and Andie

Canceling our next trip.

Like many travelers around the world, our upcoming trip to London and Paris is no longer happening. While it is still possible for US citizens to fly back home from France, there are just too many variables and too many travel risks for us to proceed with it (not the least of which is that airline passengers in France showing any signs of a possible virus will not be allowed on board.) We love Paris, but we do not want to take the chance of being quarantined there. For our ardent readers  who follow our travel plans with enthusiasm, we are posting this news and wait, along with the rest of the world’s travelers, for this terrible epidemic to be over. If you are traveling, we wish you all the best for your continued good health. Happy travels, Dean and Andie

By the way, we will continue our current winter sale prices for all of our Clued In travel books. Even though you may not be traveling in the next month or so, there’s certainly nothing wrong with exploring our opinions of the Clued In cities and planning out the perfect (future) trip.

Traveling in March but wish to avoid crowds and mass transit? This is how.

For those on the go, especially in March 2020, a few tweaks to your normal traveling behavior may make all the difference. We’re off to London and Paris mid-month and will be taking more taxis and car services than usual. You should too. That’s why we’ve just updated all of our City-Extras pages (found through the menu bar of our website) with great taxi cab clues. Even for the avid traveler, our tips will be a good refresher so that you can hit the ground running, so to speak. 

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

The February 2020 Need-to-Know

Every so often we like to add a Need-to-Know for our clued in cities. With a new year and new decade upon us, that’s precisely what we did on all of our fabulous City-Extras pages. By navigating through the menu bar of our website blog, you’ll get some current tips and info that will help make your travel plans more successful. From the unveiling of a tourist tax in Edinburgh to new laws affecting visitors to Italy, or fun “Bumper Cars on Ice” in New York, we’ve definitely got it covered.  Check it out now because giving no-nonsense advice to travelers is what we do.

Happy travels, Dean and Andie

Our newest has arrived! Grab your copy of “Bored in Barcelona”

For travelers who dream of going beyond the main sights in our favorite cities, the new Bored In series of specialty travel guides are the perfect solution. Our painstakingly researched experiences are curated to give you the very best in each category. You’ll save hours of planning time and will have all the particular info and details at your fingertips! Available in both print and ebook versions. Today, Bored in Barcelona joins the series and can be found only on Amazon. From speed boat excursions on the Mediterranean Sea to making authentic tapas or getting a new tattoo, we’ve got you covered! More info can be found by clicking here.

Happy travels! Dean & Andie

Barcelona cover swirl 6 by 9 narrow with font

A new decade of travel begins

As we start the new Roaring Twenties, a new decade of travel begins. Our Clued In cities are better than ever and offer today’s savvy travelers so many things to see and do that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Never fear; our concise and opinionated travel guides are here to help you sort it all out. As always, we will use our monthly-updated City Extras pages to post featured places we know you’ll love, as well as any urgent changes to our current 2020 editions. The January posts are already up so check them out through the menu bar above. From our favorite spas in Miami Beach to the state of flood waters in Venice, we’ve got you covered. See you there, wherever you may be going!

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

Holiday dining on vacation

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone! We’ve just posted great places to dine through the New Year on each of our City Extras pages. Check the menu bar above for the “Clued In” city of your choice and take the guesswork out of your holiday planning. Which restaurants are open on Christmas Eve in Rome or Florence? Where can you celebrate with an unusual meal in Paris or New York? Can you get an elegant meal that’s worth the money in London or Edinburgh? Is there a Christmas Day luncheon offered anywhere in Venice? And what about New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? We solve these puzzles and more. Check them out, and don’t forget about our new Bored In series of super-fun travel books, featured right on our handy website,

Happy travels to all during this holiday season, Dean & Andie

New series: Bored in London is here!

The newest addition to our “fun” series of travel guides has just arrived on We’re so proud of Bored in London – Awesome Experiences for the Repeat Visitor and can’t wait for our fans to check it out! From horseback riding in Hyde park to spending the night at the London Zoo, this book is jammed packed with all the info you need to make an ordinary visit into something truly special. It’s got a few surprises in it too, and boasts a fantastic shopping chapter. (It’s great for the first-time visitor to London as well.) We are happy to announce that all of our Bored In books are available in both ebook and paperback versions. Cheers! Dean & Andie

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Our holiday season recommendations

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, we decided to update all of our City-Extras pages with the best in entertainment (and drinking) so that you can get your seasonal game on. Check them out now through the menu bar above, and don’t forget to upgrade your Clued In ebooks with our shiny, new 2020 versions. Amazon’s customer service reps will help you with this request. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers, and thank you for all your incredible support!

Happy travels, Dean & Andie