Proof of Vaccine Required in NYC Beginning Sept. 13

Immunity from having the disease does not count.

New York State’s “Excelsior Pass” is probably about to get very popular. NYC’s mayor has declared that beginning September 13, enforcement will begin requiring visitors at some venues to prove their “health” status. They can do so using this new digital pass through the app on their smart device, or by simply showing their CDC paper vaccine card. Most people should probably leave that delicate paper card at home where it’s safe and just access the app instead. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, here’s what you  need to know:

Beginning August 16, indoor dining, indoor fitness and indoor entertainment venues, such as movie houses, theatres, concert halls and night clubs must check for vaccination status. The requirement will apply to both customers and workers. Enforcement will not begin until Sept. 13, so businesses will have a grace period to figure out how to follow the new mandate. The problem we see is that the mandate does not include the thousands of people who have had Covid and recovered with antibodies. The official mayoral word is that these people must also go and get the vaccination if they want to enjoy New York City. (CITB’s thinks this is ridiculous. The Excelsior app should have a way to include these people!)

The Excelsior Pass app verifies potential users with the state’s own vaccination records.  Three million New Yorkers have downloaded it -or printed it out- since its debut, according to the state department of health.  It can be downloaded from both the Apple and Android app stores.

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