For those planning to enter the United Kingdom from August 2021 onwards, the five day quarantine and the “eighth-day” negative Covid test in Great Britain will no longer required for fully vaccinated citizens of the United States.

This comes as pressure from the travel industry reached an all time high in that country and is great news for the hospitality industry. And even though Scotland has been left to make its own decisions regarding the pandemic, it too will be lifting the requirements. The UK will now accept the infamous CDC paper card as viable proof of your full vaccination including at its many restaurants and venues.

While this is fantastic news, it should be noted that as of August 8, 2021 the UK still considers the U.S. an “amber level” country and that comes with some additional requirements. Here is the official instruction:

1. Travelers must have a valid negative COVID-19 (NAAT: PCR or LAMP, or antigen) test result taken within three days before departure of your flight to the United Kingdom.

2. If you are arriving from the U.S. and have been fully vaccinated through an approved program like Moderna or Pfizer (plus 14 days), or Johnson+Johnson (plus 28 days) before your arrival in the UK, you will not have to quarantine but you must still book and complete a Covid test for Day 2 of your stay as well as the passenger locator form.

As of today, the U.S. still warns against travel to and from the UK due to Covid & Terrorism. We are obviously awaiting a change to this status.

Happy and safe travels, Dean and Andie

Elizabeth wants you to visit.

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