A glimmer of hope!

It’s finally happening… after months of essentially being closed to visitors due to the pandemic, some of our “Clued In” cities are beginning to welcome people back. Venice, Rome, and Florence can now be visited by outsiders. Barcelona, London, and Edinburgh are also coming along, though the latter will not be enjoying its usual Fringe and International Performance Festivals this summer (for the first time ever since their inception.) Paris will announce its opening soon, meaning visitors arriving there will not have to be quarantined for fourteen days. And if you are one of the first to visit these places, you will undoubtedly enjoy the place without crowds -something unheard of in the warmer months.  Progress.

The next big turning point will be when the U.S. lifts its ban on international travel. The Clued In Travel Books will celebrate that one for sure! For now, one can certainly venture to one of our three domestic cities without hassle, namely New York, San Francisco, and Miami Beach. In just a couple more weeks, all should have dine-in options inside their restaurants. In the meantime, picnic, anyone?



Venice’s beautiful Ponte delle Guglie – a bridge with gargoyles

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