Canceling our next trip.

Like many travelers around the world, our upcoming trip to London and Paris is no longer happening. While it is still possible for US citizens to fly back home from France, there are just too many variables and too many travel risks for us to proceed with it (not the least of which is that airline passengers in France showing any signs of a possible virus will not be allowed on board.) We love Paris, but we do not want to take the chance of being quarantined there. For our ardent readers  who follow our travel plans with enthusiasm, we are posting this news and wait, along with the rest of the world’s travelers, for this terrible epidemic to be over. If you are traveling, we wish you all the best for your continued good health. Happy travels, Dean and Andie

By the way, we will continue our current winter sale prices for all of our Clued In travel books. Even though you may not be traveling in the next month or so, there’s certainly nothing wrong with exploring our opinions of the Clued In cities and planning out the perfect (future) trip.

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