It’s 2020 Update Time!

We love this time of year, when all ten of our fabulous Clued In travel guides have been meticulously updated and improved -complete with lots of new photos. Get your’s today at, and don’t forget that if you already have one of our guides – purchased before October 28, 2019 – you are entitled to a free update of the new 2020 version!  Since you cannot re-buy an ebook (because Amazon thinks you already own it) you need an electronic update. It’s an easy process and can be done every year at this time. Details here:

Stay up to date!  Get free, annual updates for any of our previous editions by calling 866-321-8851 toll-free. Just request and receive. (Afterwards, your Kindle app may need to be *deleted and then re-downloaded* from the cloud for all changes to take effect. This is rare, however.)

Happy travels, Dean & Andie

October – the creepy month

Yes, it’s that spooky time of year again and we’re celebrating it by posting some very strange and unexpected things to see and do in each of our “Clued In” cities. Visit an underwater necropolis in Miami, or ride on 19th century carnival attractions in Paris. Wherever you’re headed, just make sure to visit our City-Extra pages first (through the menu bar above) so that your October travel will be more extraordinary than usual!

Happy travels, Dean & Andie