Clued in May, wherever you’re going

   Wow! We’ve just updated our City Extra pages for each of our book locations and there’s a lot going on in May.  Check them out through our website menu above.  From the start of the Venetian Biennale or huge Vogalonga boat race to the San Francisco Carnavale or Miami’s Air & Sea Memorial Day event, there is truly something for everyone. Learn about the new night tours of Rome’s Colosseum or find out where to board the largest hot air balloon in the world… hint: it’s in Paris.  There are beach festivals in Barcelona, the opening of the ballet season at the Met in New York, and a solemn flower homage and flag throwing in Florence. Or maybe a little wine and cheese is all you need– you’re in luck if you’re going to London because May is their official Cheese Month.  Pick a cheesy event and just go!  Happy travels! ~Dean and Andie