Writing “Clued In Edinburgh”

     The team is back from Scotland and the photography we achieved is fantastic! Why did it turn out even better than we hoped for? Because we had sunshine nearly all day, every day.  This northern area of the United Kingdom is often misty which can add great atmosphere, but mist is not always agreeable to photography so we really did luck out.  Our dear Edinburgh was looking more beautiful than ever, and even the two excursions (that will be included the June 2019 book) were great fun and very simple to do. Now we’re back home in NYC and busy turning our emotions into words so that we can bring you the next in our series of Clued In Travel Books!

     Did we discover anything new and fabulous? We did indeed… Craigmillar Castle, built in the late 1300’s and then improved upon for several centuries after that is now a deserted ruin located right in a southern suburb of the city. One could instantly see why it was the perfect choice for the Outlander location filming for its Ardsmuir Prison.

     After paying a modest fee, visitors are given unfettered access to the entire magical place. It was refreshing to see no fakery inside, nor any “reconstruction of how it once was decorated.”  It was raw and that was the beauty of it. Check out our Instagram account @cluedintravelbooks to see a video of  one of its spiral staircases.





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