Off to Edinburgh, Scotland!

     Once again, the Clued In Travel Team is packing its bags. We’re off to gorgeous Edinburgh so that we can finalize details and get fresh photography for our newest upcoming guide, Clued In Edinburgh.  With its charming Georgian neighborhoods and mysterious medieval old town, this place offers a ton of things for visitors to see and do. There are so many castles and palaces to visit that it’s almost mind-boggling (in a good way) and the seaside area of Leith even boasts Queen Elizabeth II’s retired party ship, the Royal Yacht Britannia.  In the city center, haunted tours are practically part of the fabric there and there are also many underground explorations that take visitors back to how the city was centuries ago.  The food scene in Edinburgh has exploded in recent years and will be featured in our famous Feasting chapter. From “neeps and tatties” to haggis and spring lamb chops, the traditional dishes are still easy to find but many new chefs have taken it all to a higher level that is both tasty and beautifully plated. In addition, international flavors are getting a lot of attention and will definitely be explored in our new guide.  Festivals and events here are non-stop, especially around the holidays and the new year, and the month of August always means the Edinburgh “Fringe” theatre festival which attracts people from all over. If you’re curious about Scotland’s capital and dream of being one of the many happy “outlanders” who will be visiting in the near future, check back here in mid-May 2019 to grab our newest travel book.  And while you’re having a wee dram of whiskey while you think about it, be sure to toast with a hearty Slàinte mhath!  (pronounced “slanjevah”)

Mountain view point over Edinburgh city.

Just look at it!  It’s gorgeous!!

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