Running late to Carnevale?

Don’t worry, you’ll be there on time…if you finalize your plans now.  This year, Venice’s extravagant Carnevale festival begins much later than usual. With Shrove Tuesday (or Mardi Gras, if you prefer) falling on March 5th, 2019, the entire series of upcoming events feels much less rushed than ever before. Of course, if you intend to indulge in this decadence, you had better get on it. Hotel rooms and costume rentals will soon become scarce, and direct flights are probably already hard to find. If you’re determined, however, fly into another major Italian city and take a train into Venice. 

The Venice Carnevale will begin on February 16 and culminates on March 5. (The grand opening event will be held on Sunday, February 17.)  Check out this handy website for more details:  Venice Carnevale 2019

Also, our February City-by-City Extras updates have all been posted.  (Go through the menu bar above to view.)  Happy travels! Dean & Andie