Our 2019 editions have arrived!

The Clued In Travel team is pleased to announce that all of our shiny new 2019 editions are up and running on Amazon.com, and the only thing missing is you.  If you don’t have one of our handy guides yet, then grab one today.  If you do, and wish to have this new update, it’s free!  (See details on our home page.) 

Our 2019 editions are so fantastic that we can honestly say, “If you haven’t seen a Clued In Travel Book lately, then you haven’t see a Clued In Travel Book!” 

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Happy Travels!  Dean & Andie

Autumn travels

      Traveling to an amazing city in fall can be a wonderful experience. The airlines and the hotels offer lower prices than in summer (unless you book during a major holiday) and the stifling crowds are gone. You get to experience it as it really is and not just as a popular tourist destination. In November and early December, cultural events in Europe and Great Britain are in full swing, giving you a peek into that particular country’s roots and traditions. In New York or San Francisco, you can get into the best shows and restaurants without a hassle. And, as for Miami, well this is precisely when you want to be there. Visit our City Extras though the menu above to see our latest autumn recommendations for the place you’re most curious about!

Happy traveling, Dean & Andie

Apple blocking sales of travel books!

It’s true… in an apparent effort to force folks to purchase only from their own iBooks service, some nefarious things are going on. Let’s say you try to order books from the handy Amazon App on your iPhone or iPad, (or even just from amazon.com,) your device will only give you the option of “downloading a sample” or adding it to “a list,” whatever that is. The point is that there’s no option to buy! So strange, and so blatantly unfair to authors.

We have a solution for anyone experiencing this: visit amazon.com on a PC, laptop, or Mac instead of a personal device that supports the app. You should get the regular view that will even include one-click buying if you have an account on Amazon. Good luck, and please help spread the word about this!   Happy traveling, Dean & Andie

This is what you should see:

Amazon window