Update – Fine dining on the Eiffel Tower

Restaurant Jules Verne, located high on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, has been a favorite of ours since its inception.  But like many things that want to stay great, it is now renovation time.  The restaurant is currently closed and will reopen to much fanfare, hopefully in late spring.  We will keep everyone posted!

Spanish Surprises

     Barcelona, Spain is always full of surprises and our visit there last week (to finish up our food pics and generally take it in during a mild weather month like October) was definitely no exception. The cool air gave a refreshing feeling to this eclectic place, which continues to grow and become a very international city.  It’s a foodie town for sure, heavy on fish and seafood, but now has all cuisines represented. One can find everything from fresh pastas to bao buns, along with the beloved tapas and pintxos. Flamenco dance performances are not as easy to find as they once were, and the colorful (yet controversial) bullfighting was shut down about six years ago.  While this is a big win for bulls in the area, it has had the effect of pushing Barcelona towards the international style the city now embraces. McDonald’s and Starbucks are in every neighborhood, and Barcelona’s two bullrings, located right in the city center, are suddenly a shopping mall and a bullfighting museum. Hey whatever works. The harbor and beach are more beautiful than ever, and the city as a whole continues to reflect the pride of its people. Even in the middle of the day there are city workers picking up any tiny wrapper or cigarette butt and disposing of it. This is the cleanest big city in Europe, hands down. The new underground parking garages mean less cars parked on the street and more pedestrian areas everywhere. Barcelona is a pedestrian town, and today’s visitors will absolutely love it! We look forward to bringing you Clued In Barcelona, debuting at Amazon.com in mid-December, 2018.

All the best, Dean & Andie