In focus: Where to stay

It’s summertime and that means trip-planning is in full swing.  In Europe, August is the most popular month for travel, especially for its residents. Americans continue vacationing into September when Labor Day gives them a little more additional time. In the U.S., cities like San Francisco and New York are popular choices. Miami tends to start its main season in mid-October. But all of this begs the question of where to stay. We like hotels for their comfort and services, especially in countries where we don’t speak the language. Given the choice, we prefer prime location over budget prices because we feel that if you’re too far from the action then you haven’t really experienced a great city. Having said that, we’ve just posted an In Focus section for every one of our Clued In “city extras” pages.  Simply use the menu bar above to view them.

Happy traveling!  Dean & Andie

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