Your Paris in August NTK

Good day, happy Clued In travelers! This is your August Need-To-Know report. As the hottest month of the year quickly approaches we thought we’d take a moment to discuss ways to escape the summer heat, if not the crowds, in Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral is always nice and cool inside and offers classical music concerts on Tuesday evenings (and also on one Sunday evening) in August.  Choices include many different composers and range from Bach to Gregorian chant. Check the ClassicTic website for ticket availability here.   Also at Notre Dame is the veneration viewing of the actual (?) crown of thorns on August 4 from 3pm to 4:30pm. Get there early if you want a seat. Whether you believe in holy relics or just feel a strange curiosity to go and see such a thing, you’ll be amazed by the display and passion surrounding it. Want to kiss it? Better bring some knee pads…

Another way to beat the heat is to simply get out of town. The palace at Versailles has its fountain show going in full swing right now, and if you drive your golf cart (rented from the stand at the start of the palace gardens) very close to one of them you might get well-misted. Ahhhhhh.  Another place to to cool down near water would be at Monet’s breathtaking gardens in Giverny which is just a short day trip away.

Please note that Tuesday, August 15 is an observance holiday in France (the assumption of the Virgin Mary) and some sights and stores will be closed, especially in the smaller cities.

monet garden

Claude Monet’s exquisite gardens at Giverny


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