Paris Perk Report

(Important update) In our 2017 Edition of Clued In Paris, we tout Cat Cafe, a little cafe north of the opera house as one of the few places without a green mermaid logo that serves up specialty coffees, teas, and other assorted goodies. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons Cat Cafe is no longer open and we want to make sure our readers know it.

The fact is, it’s hard to find bad coffee anywhere in Paris. Like many European countries, they take coffee seriously. Enjoy it in any pastry shop or restaurant but remember these rules:  1) It will be stronger than American coffee  2)  Order cafe au lait if you want it with milk  3) order cafe creme (cream) if you like your coffee light.  In addition, we haven’t found many patisserie who don’t offer cappuccino so there’s another option for all you coffee drinkers. And you might just give the Parisian green mermaid places a try…they have special menu items you can’t find in the US or England.

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